Coronation Street fans beg character to return for ‘one last task’

Fans of Coronation Street are pleading with a familiar face to complete “one last task” on the drama.

It happens when serial killer Stephen Reid of Street keeps working on his nefarious plans. In his time on the cobbles, Stephen had murdered three people and stolen thousands of pounds from his mother, Audrey Roberts.

One fan of the long-running ITV drama submitted a photo that had been altered to show Pat Phelan, a prior antagonist, holding a gun to Stephen’s head in a post to a Facebook group created by and for fans of the program. “Who would like Pat Phelan to come back for one last task?” the ad said.

Many of the other fans who commented found the message to be humorous. “This post is ridiculous – Pat Phelan is dead, so how can he return to the Street,” one Facebook user commented.

But a lot of other people responded with similar remarks. Stranger things have been known to occur in soap operas, according to one fan, who also stated that this happens frequently.

Another woman countered, “Noooo, love Stephen and [Todd Boyce] is a great actor,” to the woman’s suggestion to “be brilliant to get rid of Stephen once and for all.” A third responded, “I don’t believe so! I want him to answer for all of his wrongdoings.

Peter Gunn, who plays Brian, recently talked to Digital Spy about Isabella’s enigmatic appearance and how he questioned whether she was concealing anything.

He laughed and said, “I keep thinking that she’ll come out with a broad Lancashire accent at some point!”

“But no, she’s my Italian cousin and she’s Italian. I believe she is concealing something in Italy, but I’m not sure what.

She chose to come here instead of us going there, so I believe something is wrong. Therefore, she’s either avoiding something or is simply unpopular.

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