Coronation Street fans baffled as they spot Jon star in new role after Emma drama

After discovering one ITV soap star in an entirely different role, Coronation Street fans were left perplexed.

In the soap opera, Jon Spear was portrayed by Jordan Ford Silver. He first appeared after Faye Windass and Emma Brooker unintentionally hit and ran his grandfather Ted.

Even though the girls made sure Ted was okay and took him home, he later turned up dead, and Faye and Emma scrambled to hide their tracks. After meeting at the funeral, Jon and Emma eventually fell in love.

After being forced to confess, Emma was absolved by Jon, who also forgave her for the incident. The two then left the cobblestones behind and started a new life together in Australia.

Fans have recently noticed Jordan in a completely different capacity.

He is the star of a brand-new Shell commercial in which he portrays an employee in the energy sector wearing a high-visibility jacket and red work gloves.

He might have traveled to Australia with Emma in order to build a bar, but it appears that his ambitions have altered, said one Reddit user.

According to the latest Shell advertisement, Jon will now install up to 50,000 on-street charging spots by 2025!

Another laughed and said, “Saw it a few of weeks ago. Looks like Emma’s plans to move to Australia have fallen through, and she’s now just staying with Angela Griffin.”

I was relieved to see the back of him, to be honest, as one person shut the door.

According to his online portfolio, Jordan has participated in a number of other marketing campaigns in addition to his new position with Shell. He has provided the voiceovers for advertisements for Skoda, Pure Gym, and Vodafone.

While his acting resume may be brief, it’s because he claims to be a “actor first, traveller second” and spends a lot of time seeing the world. His TV credits include Midsomer Murders and The Admirer.

The celebrity updates his devoted legion of fans on his whereabouts and has been spotted hiking up dusty trails and even perched in front of the Hollywood sign.

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