Coronation Street fans are all making the same joke about Ruby’s recast

As Ruby Dobbs made a comeback on our screens last night, Coronation Street fans all cracked the same joke about her new role. Glenda was attempting to preserve her summer extravaganza show when this happened.

In these sequences, sister Hope and the recently recast not-so-little Ruby may be seen. Numerous admirers noted that Ruby had changed, and not simply because of the actor who plays her.

Some people have remarked that the character has recently become much chattier. She sang her way to the starring role in Glenda’s summer extravaganza on last night’s program, taking center stage.

Coronation Street fans share surprise at all-new Ruby

Many Coronation Street viewers posted their thoughts about the new Ruby Dobbs on Twitter.

Many observed a noticeable increase in confidence… both lines.

One fan remarked, “New Ruby has said more in one episode than old Ruby said the entire time she was there.”

Another said, “I think the new Ruby is going to get a lot more lines than the old Ruby.”

Who plays Ruby Dobbs – and why was she recast?

Ruby on Corrie is now played by newcomer Billie Naylor, replacing Macy Alabi. Ruby was portrayed by Macy beginning with her 2012 birth.

According to reports, she left the position to focus on high school. If last night’s episode is to be believed, Billie will be taking over going forward and playing a more active role in the soap opera.

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