Coronation Street fans all say the same thing after Tyrone meets his real mum

After the final episode of Claire Sweeney’s plotline in Coronation Street, tensions were at an all-time high. Cassie, a heroin addict and Tyrone’s estranged mother, is portrayed by the seasoned soap opera actor.

Last month, Cassie made a spectacular appearance on The Cobbles that promptly resulted in her being taken to the hospital after being discovered unconscious in the street. As a result, her mother Evelyn rushed her to treatment in an effort to help her get sober.

Tyrone was left in the dark and ignorant that his mother had returned while Evelyn and Cassie had already left the street. He kept thinking she was gone.

But on tonight’s (August 16) program, Cassie outed the truth during a performance by Cassie’s grandchildren’s band, Little Big Shotz. Tyrone sat the two women down and demanded explanations after discovering the truth.

Tyrone tried to make amends civilly, but he was unable to forget Cassie’s abandonment of him or Evelyn’s fabrication of his mother’s return. However, Coronation Street viewers were eager to defend Evelyn for lying.

Michelle (@mishybabez_), who is on Twitter, wrote: “I get Tyrone is angry but Evelyn was trying to protect him.” “Shut up Tyrone, your nan was protecting you #Corrie,” Roberto Diniro (@runninoncaffine) said.

I understand Evelyn was attempting to protect Tyrone, but he did have a right to know about his mother, according to Teena Massam (@teenamassam).

In true Tyrone flair, Doreen Morfitt (@penniless_poet) said, “And he makes out that it’s all Evelyn’s fault that the woman who he thought was his mam isn’t and this one is and… ‘I’m Special!'”

“OI!” exclaimed Denise Chester (@Chestikov69). Don’t start attacking Evelyn, Tyrone, as she has saved you from a terrible thing.

Another supporter of Evelyn was Ryan Glendenning (@RyanTheSoapking). He said, “Poor Tyrone. His family has been torn apart by the truth. I’m hoping he won’t leave Evelyn behind. She made mistakes, yes, but all she was trying to do was keep Tyrone safe.

When Tyrone expelled Cassie and then asked that Evelyn go as well, his resentment finally erupted. Viewers didn’t like how he responded.

Luke (@fansvfavorites) encapsulated their thoughts. Even for Tyrone, leaving an elderly woman on the street is unacceptable.

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