Coronation Street ‘exposes’ the real reason behind Audrey Roberts’ hospital stay

In moving scenes set to air next week, Coronation Street viewers will finally understand the real reason for Audrey Roberts’ hospitalization.

Recently, viewers witnessed Audrey obtaining medical care after admitting to the doctor that she had unintentionally taken too many pills.

But in scenes scheduled to appear on August 15, 2022, Audrey tells Roy, Rita, and Ken that her overdose was actually an attempt at suicide.

Her other Weatherfield residents are shocked to find that Audrey attempted to commit herself three weeks ago during a belated birthday meal at a hotel, and they openly admit that they feel bad for not detecting that she was having trouble.

Audrey reveals to her friends the reasons behind what had transpired, including missing her late husband Alfie, and acknowledges that she had not even informed her family about her suicide attempt.

She also admits to turning to alcohol after becoming hopeless and unhappy due to her failing eyesight, saying, “I simply appeared to slide downwards.

“I’d toss and turn all night, then fall asleep just as I ought to be getting ready for the day. Using today. Huh!

Spend the afternoons sipping sauvignon blanc and contemplating my exact abilities?

Sue Nicholls, who plays Audrey, said of the new plot, which focuses on mental health issues and the effects of loneliness on older people, “Audrey is really regretful for what she has done and certainly her first instinct was to keep it from her family.

Despite the occasional bickering, she values her family dearly and always will.

Although the one major regret that has led to this most recent circumstance is a wish that darling Alfie was still alive and there with her so that they could have gotten old and equally doddery together, she still likes and is grateful for being independent and living contentedly in her own house.

“She feels that her family has begun treating her somewhat like a child and that this has caused her to feel unhappy. Her family, preoccupied with their own life, interprets her down and upset moments as her inability to cope with the real world. Although she is often in great health and with herself, her despair seemed to take over completely.”

“She realized how much her friends had helped her in terms of her troubles once she was able to talk to them and they started talking about their struggles.

Added her: “The significance of being able to talk to people you trust about how you feel is the lesson I want readers to take away from this plot

“The younger generation may occasionally believe that anyone above the age of 70 is incapable of making decisions, which can cause older individuals to lose their sense of purpose and feel fairly useless.”

I do hope that this narrative encourages older individuals to start sharing their feelings with younger people and makes them aware of how much the elder generation still has to offer. Sue continued.

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