Coronation Street exit for Beth Tinker as actress hints at breakup

Kirk Sutherland (Andy Whyment) and Lisa George’s character Beth Sutherland on Coronation Street recently experienced a difficult time in their relationship, and Kirk was on the verge of breaking up with a distraught Beth.

The factory worker, however, made the decision to start seeing her ex-boyfriend behind Kirk’s back. The ITV soap’s official spoilers predict that the flirtatious conversations will soon develop into something more, and Kirk won’t likely be able to forgive her.

If Beth’s marriage fails, will she eventually leave the cobbles? Actress Lisa said that the error might cause the two to break up.

Kirk was a big reason why the two decided to split up during their recent rough period.

Following Kirk’s discovery that Beth had slapped young troublemaker Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) after she claimed Beth’s dog had killed her chinchilla, the incident occurred.

Unable to speak to Beth, a stunned Kirk appeared to be ready to end their relationship.

Beth decided to phone her ex-boyfriend Marco (Paul Albertson) for solace because she had no one else to turn to.

The couple quickly accepted their wife’s apology, and things are back to normal—except for the fact that Beth has been covertly seeing her ex.

In scenes that will air, Kirk will struggle to move past his most recent romantic turmoil as it appears that the truth will soon surface.

In subsequent episodes, Beth and Marco meet up outside the police station and decide to get a drink.

As they flirt on the swings, Marco lets Beth know how he feels by giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

Later, in the factory, Kirk turns his back on Beth.

She makes an attempt to reassure Kirk that she won’t ever see Marco again, but he believes it’s too late.

Actress Lisa explained how Beth’s error affected the situation to Digital Spy.

Since everything happened so quickly, she doesn’t want to harm Kirk by telling him she’s been seeing her ex-boyfriend and lying to him about her whereabouts, she said. “There is nothing going on with Marco, but it all happened so fast,” she added.

She said, “She could have told him about Marco getting in touch and introduced them to each other, but she chose to keep it a secret and lie about where she’s been, so of course that’s going to cause her even more problems.”

Kirk will likely find it difficult to move over the event given that Beth is expected to be the subject of additional drama.

Could she ultimately decide to leave Weatherfield and give up on Kirk?

Beth could believe there is nothing for her on the cobblestones without Kirk even though her son Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) is still alive and has a successful life of his own.

Will Kirk ever forgive her or will the character decide to move on?

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