Coronation Street: Everything we know about Kelly Neelan’s exit so far

One of Coronation Street’s biggest stars is poised to leave the show.

Kelly Neelan’s exit from the ITV serial will be explosive because actress Millie Gibson left the show.

What is known about it is as follows:

When does Kelly Neelan’s Coronation Street exit air?

ITV will run the episodes that feature Kelly’s departure the following week.

The Queen’s death, however, has caused schedules for television to be uncertain.

The episodes are anticipated to air next week, but there will be a delay.

Monday night’s episode of Coronation Street won’t air.

What’s the big stunt?

A dramatic rooftop confrontation between Kelly, Gary, and the gangster who previously kidnapped them will take place.

The soap used a massive Hollywood-style special effects studio called a Volume Wall to conceal the plot and pull off a major stunt without putting the actors in actual danger.

Will Kelly be killed off in her Coronation Street exit?

Even though Kelly’s fate is unknown, it wouldn’t be shocking, according to Coronation Street executives.

The actress has hinted that this will be the last time she portrays Kelly on the soap.

“Oh my gosh,” she said, “when I first heard about it, I was thinking, ‘Gosh, they’re really pulling out all the stops for this one, aren’t they?'” she hinted at her final plot.

“I was buzzing like crazy. Sincerely, I have no words to express my gratitude. I’ll always be appreciative that Kelly Neelan’s farewell has come to an end.

She also made fun of the fact that she won’t work with Mikey North ever again, saying, “Because it’s been such a great relationship on and off screen it’s just been incredibly emotional knowing we’re never going to act together.”

What does Millie Gibson say?

After four years, the actress is leaving Corrie, and she is undoubtedly sad about it.

She remarked, “I can’t reveal too much but there was a day with Mikey,” in a statement to ED! and other media. It was my and Mikey’s final scene of the day, and it was the end of the day.

Even when running the line, I could not stop crying. I was choked up during the line run since it’s like a seven page sequence with just Mikey and me.

“I was trying to rescue it, but the scene was so difficult. It’s a pretty excellent scenario, which is why I’m so eager to watch it.

It sort of brings everything together, but it’s very depressing. That was incredibly difficult.

Why did Millie Gibson quit Coronation Street?

In response to this issue, she stated, “I believe Corrie is a home.”

“Home is the best way to describe it, I think. I had the notion, “I’ve got to leave,” because I am so young.

I’m thankful to be living at home even though I have no obligations—I don’t have children, a mortgage to pay, or anything else of the sort.

“I decided to just see what else the world has, I thought. That would be very beneficial if it does, wouldn’t it?

I merely reasoned that I might as well observe events while I am still young.

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