Coronation Street delays Stephen’s comeuppance after Elaine’s discovery

Stephen Reid’s escape from punishment for his terrible scheme to murder Elaine Jones has been suggested by Coronation Street.

This week, Elaine narrowly avoided a tragic “accident” that Stephen had planned to create on their trip to the Peak District when she realized he was lying to her.

Elaine and her son Tim worked together in stressful circumstances to uncover Stephen’s lies.

They were shocked to see that Stephen had impersonated Elaine to sign a joint life insurance policy, demonstrating his nefarious plans to take her money.

After hurting his head during a fight with Tim, Stephen was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery before he could be prosecuted.

While viewers will have to tune in this Friday, July 21, to watch exactly what transpires in the aftermath, it appears that the absence of hard proof of Stephen’s evil scheme may delay his doom for the time being.

Spoiler images depict Stephen as still being at large and in good standing with his family, despite the fact that it is obvious that his relationship with Elaine cannot be repaired.

The pictures show Tim throwing his possessions onto the street as Stephen is ejected from the apartment he lived with Elaine.

Audrey Roberts steps in later and proposes that Tim confirm with Elaine that she truly wants Stephen ejected from the apartment out of loyalty to her son.

Will Elaine correct Audrey if she believes the eviction was Tim’s idea rather than Elaine’s? Will the Platts ever understand him in his actual form?

Although Elaine now knows to keep far away from Stephen, he will turn his attention back to Jenny Connor in upcoming episodes.

Tim will also keep a tight eye on Stephen, who, when he pursues the assailant to the canal where Teddy Thompkins’ body is concealed, comes perilously close to making another important discovery.

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