You are currently viewing Coronation Street death aftermath, Emmerdale Gabby goes into labour, EastEnders return, Hollyoaks showdown

Coronation Street death aftermath, Emmerdale Gabby goes into labour, EastEnders return, Hollyoaks showdown

The soaps remain unmissable next week, with numerous high-profile returns, plenty of showdowns, and more aftermath than you can think.

Several of Coronation Street’s favorite characters will be left reeling in the aftermath of devastating events, while Emmerdale’s finest will be shaken by the survival challenges, and – in the aftermath of a death – an arrest will be made!

Stacey Slater returns to EastEnders after a long absence, and she looks to have some good news for Martin Fowler.

Meanwhile, Sienna Blake of Hollyoaks receives shocking news, prompting her to pay a visit to Summer Ranger in prison. However, Sienna struggles to shake her nemesis’ comments, and the visit does not have the anticipated effect.

It’s all getting started in soapland, and here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up next week.

Coronation Street

The residents are reeling from the ordeal, while Leo informs David that if the sinkhole had been repaired sooner, the disaster of the previous evening would not have occurred. Another tragedy has occurred on the streets.

Asha notices Stu wearing Corey’s Weatherfield County Backpack and knows it’s his. She and Nina make the decision to find Stu, knowing that this may be their only chance to prove Corey’s guilt. Nina locates Stu and informs him that they require his assistance. Nina explains how Corey’s backpack may be used to prove he killed Seb, but Stu refuses to become involved.

In the aftermath of recent events, Dev is struggling. Will he be able to put his family back together?


Stacey reappears, much to the delight of Jean and Lily, but Martin seems jittery. Stacey expresses her want to speak with him later. Zack encourages Martin to go for it with Stacey after he tells him about her. Martin later decides to express his actual feelings, but Stacey interrupts him and throws a stunning bombshell.

Heartbroken Kim makes a life-changing decision when she sits down with Pearl to inform her that her father Vincent is no longer alive. Following that, she sobs in Denise’s arms.

Eve, Stacey’s prison buddy, is staying at The Prince Albert in Walford. When she sees Shirley, she begins flirting with her!


The cops are soon asking inquiries after the survival week ended in death and devastation. Furthermore, a finger is pointed and a person is arrested. Who is it, exactly?

When Gabby finally snaps and admits that she will not be a part of her baby’s life, Kim is taken aback. Gabby quietly packs, hoping to flee sooner than she had planned, but she is experiencing stomach problems! Soon after, she drops on the floor and begins labor — with no one to assist her and no power in her phone. Due to a power outage, the house is completely dark. Meanwhile, Diane and Bernice enjoy a moment as they prepare to gather Gabby and flee the village. They have no idea, however, that Gabby is in the throes of labor!

Charity and Mackenzie are desperate to do something bad, and when Mack learns about Chloe’s obvious money from Charity, he sees an opportunity!


Sienna agrees to fight with Liberty to reclaim her job, but she soon receives a call from one of the gas stations she called, containing CCTV evidence of the car that killed Brody! Sienna pays a visit to Summer in prison after receiving some heartbreaking news. Sienna begins to doubt everything and everyone when Summer’s remarks haunt her.

Grace tells Maxine about her new relationship woes, while Sienna listens in. She jumps to conclusions when she hears that no one believes Nate, so she confronts him about killing Brody. She hops into a random car with the keys left in the ignition, determined to avenge Brody, and is about to run him over when Leela appears and instructs her to get out of her car!

Diane shares her concerns, but she isn’t confident that telling Tony about them is a good idea, so she flees! When Becky and Tony locate Diane in the village, she requests that Tony leave her alone. Becky persuades her to do what she needs to do to be healthy, and Diane returns to the pub to inform Tony of some major news… Becky later offers to assist with the running of the tavern.

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