Coronation Street Daniel Brocklebank’s co-star romance, Hollywood career and show exit admission

One of Coronation Street’s most well-known characters is Daniel Brocklebank.

Since 2014, the long-running ITV program’s Billy Mayhew has been portrayed by the 43-year-old soap opera actor. One of Weatherfield’s most significant characters, the vicar has featured prominently in some of the dramatized tales of the program.

Although Billy tries to steer Summer Spellman in the right direction, it has been a difficult year on the Cobbles. Summer needed help from her three dads to escape the evil Mike and Esther who were holding her captive.

Billy has once again been in the spotlight this week after admitting that he still has feelings for Paul Foreman.

But the actor playing the part, Peter Ash, crushed his heart by saying that it’s better if they stay friends.

Billy appears destined to continue being one of the Cobbles’ most important characters, and the actor told the media in December that he had no plans to leave the show anytime soon. He stated: “It’s without a doubt one of the nicest places I’ve worked in my 30-year career, and I’m now in my ninth year there. I adore this location.”

At the time he was given the part on Corrie, Daniel was a resident of London and wanted time to think it over.

“I was having lunch with my mother and grandmother when I spoke with my agent,” he claimed. Look, I’ll think about it and give you a call back, I said.

Daniel was inconsolable as he recalled how his mother intervened to change his mind, yet she is a passionate Corrie fan. I told her it was a three year contract and that I would probably have to move, he added. I don’t care; you’re taking it, she said. You must accept it. I won’t get up from this table until you call him right away.

Daniel and his co-star Rob Mallard, who plays vicar Daniel Osbourne, had a relationship off the screen.

The British LGBT Awards was the first red carpet appearance for the soap actors, who started dating in 2017.

During the British Soap Awards that year, Rob was named Best Newcomer. He referred to his co-star as “the best thing I’ve taken home this year.” Yet two months after making their love public, the pair broke up.

Prior to joining the Corrie cast, Daniel had a prosperous film and television career. He portrayed Roger Green in EastEnders and Ivan Jones in Emmerdale.

Shakespeare in Love, which won an Academy Award, starred Daniel in the role of Sam Gosse. After the movie’s release, Daniel came out as gay because he wanted to be upfront about his sexuality, as he said to Mirror Online.

I fake for a living, but I didn’t want to pretend in my personal life, he claimed. “Who I am in my real life should have no relevance to what I play on television,” the actor said. “When you spend your life on screen, it’s crucial to hold on to the elements that are real.”

He regretted that the environment was such that this had a detrimental effect on his career, though. “I recall my management in Los Angeles trying to urge me not to come out because they warned it would disrupt work—and it did,” he recalled.

He has never regretted choosing to be out about his sexuality, though. He continued, “The lack of LGBT role models when I was growing up was one of the reasons I decided to come out publicly. As I was born in 1979, I spent my formative years in the 1980s during the AIDS crisis, a time when social norms and laws were very different.

“I came out in the middle of the 1990s, and there has been a significant change since then. Being gay is currently quite in style, and I like to think that I played a small role in starting the wave.

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