Coronation Street Daisy’s social media stalker ‘exposed’ as fans sure it’s familiar face

Fans of Coronation Street are now worried about Daisy Midgeley after discovering a strange user on her social media.

Daisy has recently been using social media to promote local companies, collect money for her wedding to Daniel Osbourne, and spread awareness of breast cancer after discovering a lump.

But one user, who goes by the handle “This Charming Man,” repeatedly appears to remark on her pictures.

Eagle-eyed Reddit users speculate that it may be the start of an online stalker scheme for the brunette bartender and claim to already know the identity of the person who may be using the alias.

Anyone else notice Daisy’s social media accounts have the username This Charming Man? I wonder if this is the start of a plot involving a Daisy stalker online. Smith’s reference as well, hehe!

Another individual said, “I believe the stalker is the same person who broke into the Barlows!”

One admirer speculated that it might be the man who spoke with Daisy while she was waiting for her test results and claimed his mother was fighting terminal cancer.

It’ll be the man who sat next to her at the hospital, and he’ll also be wearing her engagement ring, wrote one fan.

Yes, I believe it’s that cute Scottish man who sat next to her at the hospital the other day as he waited for his mother, another person said in agreement.

Someone else remarked, “Cute.” “I definitely have the creepy feeling!”

One fan said the following on Twitter: “Latest #Corrie prediction Daisy has a stalker and it’s the guy whose mother ‘had cancer,'” which she met in the hospital.

Someone else remarked, “Is that the hospital guy sending those posts to Daisy, right?” Another said, “Daisy’s going to be hounded by Charming Man, presumably him from the hospital,” and a third agreed.

Since the “cute” guy was actually Hollyoaks actor Andrew Still, there is a good chance that he will develop into a more enduring character.

Before the role of Joel Dexter was recast as Rory Douglas-Speed in 2016, Andrew portrayed the part of Joel Dexter from 2011 to 2013.

He has appeared in Waterloo Road, Outlander, and Hollyoaks in addition to his current job.

He hasn’t yet been given a name for his Corrie character, but if he does come back to see Daisy, he might get one.

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