Coronation Street confirms who killed Rufus in flashback scene

Flashback sequences on Coronation Street have confirmed that Stephen Reid murdered Rufus, a rival businessman.

When Michael Bailey went back to Stephen on Friday (April 14) to request a job back at Underworld because Rufus had cancelled their meeting, the stunning news came to light.

Elaine Jones and Nina Lucas, the new Head of Design, were astounded to see this clever and cruel side of the serial killer for the first time as Stephen brutally rejected Michael.

Ronnie, who was now jobless, offered to accompany Michael to Rufus’s house to try to resolve the situation, but when they got there, they discovered the police had already been called.

They learned that Rufus’s housekeeper had discovered him dead in the pool.

When Ronnie tried to convince Stephen that Michael had turned down Rufus’ job offer in a meeting just before he passed away, Stephen was happy to hear this version of events.

Although Stephen was aware that this was a fabrication, he was more than happy to accept it when Craig showed up to speak with Michael because he was apparently the last person to see Rufus alive.

Rufus never bothered to show up, thus Michael was compelled to claim under inquiry that the meeting never had place.

Stephen abruptly changed direction and extended an invitation to Michael to rejoin Underworld as a junior manager as part of his machinations.

As they talked, Stephen’s thoughts began to go back to the previous evening as flashbacks revealed that he was accountable for Rufus’s passing.

A vial of LSD, Stephen’s go-to weapon, had been used to spike Rufus’s drink before he was shoved into the pool and held under water until his opponent drowned.

Will Stephen succeed in committing his third murder on the cobblestones?

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