Coronation Street confirms stalker drama on Daisy and Daniel’s wedding day

Iain MacLeod, the show’s executive producer, has disclosed the specifics of the ongoing stalker plot line and how it relates to Daisy Midgeley and Daniel Osbourne’s wedding.

Pictures from the shooting demonstrate Daniel is at the wedding location, but Daisy is nowhere to be found. It is reasonable to suppose that Daisy’s stalker Justin is to blame.

This week, MacLeod said during an appearance on Loose Women that they would not be able to convince Justin to leave her alone before the wedding.

“I wouldn’t get any points for this because I’ve already given too much away, press officer! But let’s face it, this is a soap opera wedding; when do they ever go without a hitch? “He clarified.

“It goes without saying that the narrative that is beginning right now, with Daisy encountering this stalker, will continue right up to and including the wedding day. That will be a small element of the drama surrounding the wedding.

“But, I believe Daniel and Daisy are here to stay. No spoilers, but even if the wedding doesn’t go exactly as planned, I do believe that long-term, I’m truly involved in them as a marriage.

In addition, MacLeod revealed that Stephen will be discovered, that Max will find a new love interest, and that Hope will have some humorous stories after all of her nasty ones during his appearance on the ITV afternoon program.

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