Coronation Street confirms return for evil Griff Reynolds

Griff Reynolds will return to Coronation Street next week, the soap opera has announced.

Since the beginning of January, when the criminal was ultimately brought to jail for his crimes, he hasn’t been spotted on television.

Griff’s story will be reviewed in the episodes airing the following week when Spider Nugent visits him in jail.

In a startling proposal, Spider offers Griff a reduced sentence in exchange for the source of his unlawful activity’s funds.

Viewers of Corrie are aware that councillor Len Cameron was the one who gave Griff the money. Len relied on Griff to assist forward a right-wing political agenda, but he was unaware of how far Griff would go.

While operating as Griff’s extreme group, Spider was unable to discover Len’s involvement, but he was aware that a powerful someone looked to be assisting him.

Will Griff agree to reveal Len’s identity in exchange for having his sentence reduced by years?

Griff was detained last month after detonating a device at the Weatherfield Peace Market.

After Max Turner, his teenage protégé, finally turned against him, Griff was caught off guard. Alya Nazir made a brave choice to drive the explosive device to some waste land so that no one would be harmed while Max sounded the alert about it.

After his racial web videos sparked a stabbing incident at Speed Daal, Max was later detained and charged with encouraging terrorism.

Later this week, Max—who has already admitted guilt—will get a sentence of six months in a secure training facility.

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