Coronation Street confirms home move for Evelyn Plummer

In upcoming scenes, Evelyn Plummer of Coronation Street will look for a new home to live, yet the decision may ultimately prove counterproductive.

Evelyn recently made a trip back to Weatherfield with her estranged daughter Cassie, where the two shared a flat. After much conflict with Evelyn, Cassie soon left and moved in with Tyrone at his house, which has also caused some conflict.

When her close friend Roy Cropper allows Evelyn to move into the café flat with him, she is given a lifeline since she needs a new place to live.

Unfortunately for Roy, he quickly learns that Evelyn isn’t the most straightforward person to live with.

Could their friendship be in danger if they live together? Roy’s inadvertent killing of Evelyn’s dog Cerberus has already been survived, but you never know.

The National Television Awards were held last night (September 5) outside of the Corrie universe, where Happy Valley actress Sarah Lancashire received a Special Recognition award.

In an interview with the media that followed, Lancashire credited her role as Raquel Wolstenhulme (then Watts) in the serial opera from 1991 and 1996 for helping to launch her successful career.

She praised the ITV soap saying, “It’s one of the best training schools in the world, it really is, but the calibre of people you’re working with and in such a quick manner is extraordinary.”

“I’ve spent four years in Coronation Street, and I’m really proud of that. I have the incredible good fortune to work with wonderful people.

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