Coronation Street confirms exit drama for Brian Packham’s cousin Isabella

Brian Packham of Coronation Street is preparing to say goodbye to his challenging cousin Isabella as their rivalry comes to a dramatic finale.

In subsequent sequences, Brian is still adamant on getting rid of his Italian aunt because she has upended his life and slandered his close pals Mary Taylor and George Shuttleworth.

As Mary and Isabella continue to argue, this situation only grows worse over time.

In an effort to hasten Isabella’s return to her house, Brian calls Isabella’s builders in Naples.

Isabella, regrettably, overhears Brian talking to someone and realizes he’s trying to get rid of her.

When Isabella confronts Brian about her cousin’s behavior because she is upset with it, he ultimately says that he would like her to leave because she has made his life miserable.

Isabella sobs and begs Brian, claiming he is her only friend, as she breaks down in tears. But how is he going to react?

After a challenging few weeks, Brian and Mary wave Isabella off at the airport while remaining steadfast. Will they last see her like this? Or will she come back?

Peter Gunn, who plays Brian, recently talked to Digital Spy about Isabella’s enigmatic appearance and how he questioned whether she was concealing anything.

He laughed and said, “I keep thinking that she’ll come out with a broad Lancashire accent at some point!”

“But no, she’s my Italian cousin and she’s Italian. I believe she is concealing something in Italy, but I’m not sure what.

She chose to come here instead of us going there, so I believe something is wrong. Therefore, she’s either avoiding something or is simply unpopular.

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