Coronation Street child rushed to hospital after car accident horror

Next week, terror will befall Stu Carpenter as Eliza Woodrow, his granddaughter, faces imminent death.

Coronation Street’s next episode features a car accident involving the schoolgirl played by Savannah Kunyo. Has she got a chance?

Following the imprisonment of her mother Bridget for murder, young Eliza has been attempting to get in touch with her biological father Dom (played by Darren Morfitt).

Eliza’s grandfather Stu (Bill Fellows) is the ideal guardian because Dom has been a distant father for the majority of Eliza’s existence.

Since a relationship between Eliza and Dom would mean she moves away from the cobbles to live with him, the Speed Daal chef has found it difficult to watch.

However, when Dom arrives late for their subsequent meeting, leaving Eliza distraught once more, Stu swiftly suggests that they take the car to go see Bridget.

Heartbroken When Eliza shows no interest, Stu loses his cool and remarks that if her father had any concern for her, he wouldn’t keep disappointing her.

Eliza, who is upset, rushes across the street and is struck by a car.

Stu runs to Eliza, who is holding her arm, as the driver speeds off.

In an effort to win Eliza’s forgiveness, Dom, who has just arrived at the hospital, answers Stu’s call.

Eliza urges the previously homeless man to leave as Stu and Dom are exchanging insults, which breaks his heart.

He is given the assurance that Eliza will eventually recognize her father for the monster that he is by Alya Nazir (Sair Khan), and that he will be there to help when that happens.

Nevertheless, Stu is devastated when Eliza says she wants to move in with her father, and Dom tries to hide his surprise.

Will Dom react in some way?

Eliza is going to actually live with him.

This has not yet been witnessed, but later on, when Stu receives a call from the school informing him that Eliza has not arrived, he has another shock.

She may have entered the building early, and Stu is really worried.

Will Dom be responsible for Eliza’s disappearance and where will she be?

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