Coronation Street Chesney star was in iconic TV advert before landing soap role

Sam Aston, who plays Chesney Brown on Coronation Street, is a household name.

The character initially appeared in the serial when big sister Fiz discovered that their mother Cilla had left the youngster at home alone when she moved in with boyfriend Les Battersby. Chesney has been at the center of several dramatic storylines since then, including a string of tumultuous romances.

Sam was the star of an iconic Warburton’s advertisement before he first touched the cobbles a huge 20 years ago. Sam appears in the commercial as a bored small child whose mother has been baking.

“What’ve you made, Mum?” he asks. before she responds, “A seeded batch loaf” The mother has an idea after noticing how unimpressed he appears.

“I tell you what, why don’t you plant these seeds in the garden and grow me a bread tree?” she suggests.

The child responds, “Don’t be stupid,” but just when you think he’s about to explain why bread trees don’t exist, he turns to the window and says, “It’s pouring!”

The commercial was well-received at the time, with viewers finding Sam’s portrayal endearing. Sam previously told OK! magazine that, while he is best known as Chesney, the ad is still remembered by many.

Additionally, he claimed that the first acting role he “really remembers” was in an Asda advertisement for George. “I only had one line in that; I just stood behind a wall,” Sam continued.

“Someone was doing kick ups, and it was for back to school clothing for kids. That was my first job. When the audio then said, “And the real difference is,” I suddenly popped out and yelled, “Who likes it!”

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