Coronation Street character ‘ruined’ after dramatic scene

After an emotional scene, viewers of Coronation Street claimed Yasmeen Nazir’s character was “ruined.”

Two years ago, Yasmeen was the target of a protracted abuse campaign by Geoff Metcalfe. Geoff eventually perished after setting their home on fire and falling through a roof.

Yasmeen made a potent message against domestic violence in tonight’s program, but unfortunate events caused her to sob behind the scenes. When she learned that her current boyfriend Stu had served time in jail for murder in the past, memories of Geoff began to return.

She broke down and started to panic in the back of the Speed Daal. Yasmeen was spotted by Roy Cropper, who tried to comfort her, but she soon broke down in tears.

Fans complained that the show ran her character in a matter of minutes due to the rapid character development.

According to a viewer, “Sadly, #corrie will not hit the point with this article because people are so angry with Yasmeen.”

They have damaged Yasmeen’s character, a third person added.

Yasmeen’s plot is really upsetting because of how she turned on Stu. Surely a better script could have been created, according to a third viewer.

Roy persisted in trying to comfort Yasmeen, but he was unsuccessful. Due to how out of character the moments felt for the character, many went on to call her breakdown “annoying.”

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