Coronation Street caught out with major blunder in Jenny and Leo plot

Fans of Coronation Street have discovered a significant error in yesterday night’s show.

After separating earlier this week, Jenny Connor, the landlady of Rovers Return, and Leo Thompkins, her toyboy lover, got engaged last night.

Leo was given the chance to accept his ideal position in Canada, but he refused it when Jenny indicated she didn’t want to relocate.

In order for him to take the job and pursue his goal across the Atlantic, Jenny broke up with him.

But she was absolutely devastated and started drinking wine at the bar.

Additionally, she was an obvious target for unsuccessful businessman Stephen Reid, who made an immediate attempt to seduce her.

Gemma arrived as they were having fun in the back room and captured them, keeping Leo from learning what had transpired.

He then proposed, and Jenny happily accepted before deciding to emigrate to Canada.

Stephen overheard their celebration when they went to the Bistro.

Once they were formally back together, Leo went to gather his possessions but instead ran into Sarah and Stephen.

Leo was overjoyed to learn about Stephen’s businesses in Canada from Sarah.

With all of your contacts, you’ll be able to assist them, Sarah assured him. Stephen owns factories, all of which I assume use building.

Stephen said, “Oh wonderful, I’d love to pick your brains,” to Leo’s jubilant response. Tell me your number.

Leo was thrilled to tell Jenny about running into Stephen when they got back to the Rovers.

Leo assured Jenny that he would be able to assist them when they relocate to Canada as she began to shake at what had been spoken.

He said that he might be able to assist us. He will have a ton of contacts for obtaining employment.

Leo’s ideal job, however, is the main motivation for his relocation to Canada.

Therefore, he wouldn’t have any motive to look for another construction work.

The error was obvious to the crowd.

Did Leo mention that Stephen may aid in “finding work”? Did you think he was lined up for the job of a lifetime?

“I believed Leo was heading to Canada because he’d been offered a job,” a second remarked. then why would he require assistance in getting employment when he arrives?

Wasn’t Leo heading to Canada for work, a third person asked. Why does he ask Stephen?

You already have a job lined up in Canada, another person continued. That was the purpose of traveling.

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