Coronation Street boss reveals ‘unlikely’ love interest for Max as he confirms happy ending

Iain MacLeod, the head of Coronation Street, has pledged that Max Turner’s (Paddy Bever) plotline about extremism will have a happy ending.

Last year, Max was cultivated into a radical far-right organization where he was brainwashed into adopting racial ideologies.

After admitting guilt to encouraging terrorism in the wake of Alya Nazir’s (Sair Khan) stabbing in Fast Daal, the kid is currently facing a significant prison sentence while he waits for sentencing.

Blake, the perpetrator, claimed that Max’s films had inspired him to do the crime, despite Max’s insistence that he hadn’t intended to incite violence.

Iain MacLeod believes that Max will eventually have a happy ending, despite the nightmare he is currently through.

On yesterday’s (February 15) episode of Loose Women, he said the following:

He’ll eventually have a happy ending, I promise. We felt it was crucial to depict a scenario in which someone who had descended so deeply down the wrong direction yet had a chance to turn around.

“And the story’s central conflict was meant to be on a family trying to figure out how to interact with a teen who has strayed this far from the path, and how to bring them back into the fold and redeem them?”

He continued to hint at the details of this happy ending, and it now seems that young Max will experience love as he meets a “unlikely” suitor.

Hence, the story has a joyful conclusion and a love story. It’s hilarious when he meets this really unexpected love interest.

We go from the extremely serious story we’ve presented and it almost becomes a romcom throughout the course of the following year, with the risk of seeming like a tonal collision.

Iain acknowledged that he had a “little bit of sympathy” for the character because he was misled and groomed when his life was in a bad place.

This is why the Coronation Street crew wanted to give him a happy ending, he explained, adding:

It would be unfortunate if we told a story where we simply wrote them off, she said. “I think that occurs with a lot of youngsters out there in the UK right now.”

Although we’re interested to see where the story goes, it’s unclear who Max will ultimately fall for.

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