Coronation Street boss reveals totally ‘unpredictable’ twist for killer Stephen and Carla

Iain MacLeod, the head of Coronation Street, has revealed who is in danger from the murderer Stephen Reid, and fans won’t be pleased.

According to the executive producer, Stephen will retaliate in 2023 on the cobblestones.

But while facing the wrath of his followers, Stephen will be focusing on Carla Connor.

Iain described how the cast is in a panic because a serial killer is on the cast during a recent press day.

Everyone ought to be alarmed, he exclaimed.

The entire cast wonders aloud, “Is it going to be me? “That’s it!” I always say when I call an actor in for a talk. Todd Boyce is about to destroy me.

“Such an astute performance, rawness, desperate scenes after killing Leo felt really a tremendous sense of empathy almost sad,” he continued.

A little bit like a noir movie: over the course of a year, a man becomes progressively desperate as a result of his fatal flaw of egotism and arrogance.

Stephen Reid, the assassin of Coronation Street, will strike again

In the best tradition of Corrie villains, there’s a lot more to come.

Compare him to one of our respected villains from history; in terms of pomposity and refusal to acknowledge that one is on one’s behind, he reminds me of Richard Hillman.

“Want to project the successful guy image. I find this whole tale and what he’s doing to be incredibly intriguing.

And Carla, a favorite of the cobbles, might be out for good.

Viewers are aware that Carla has hired Stephen for the Underworld, and she won’t make things simple for him.

Will Carla make it?

He envisions acquiring a job in Underworld and unseating Carla as his first step back up the ladder to the top of the global rag trade, Iain hinted.

“Psychological warfare starts between those two, loaded with viewers’ knowledge that he’s killed someone, so when Carla undercuts Stephen in front of clients and makes him pour the tea, she unintentionally stirs up this hornets’ nest.

All the hornets do eventually emerge, but probably not in the way you anticipate.

He made it apparent, nevertheless, that Stephen’s ambitions for Carla are uncertain.

He said, “I’ll eat my hat if anyone predicts what Stephen does to Carla.

I’d be really astonished if anyone saw his plan coming over the hill because it is so far-fetched and mysterious.

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