Coronation Street boss on Stephen’s comeuppance and 5 more HUGE spoilers

During an appearance on today’s Loose Women, the head of Coronation Street, Iain Macleod, gave six major spoilers about what to expect in Weatherfield (Wednesday, February 15).

Iain listed several dramatic storylines that will be broadcast all through the year.

Here are six major Coronation Street spoilers that were mentioned in the interview.

1. Stephen WILL get his comeuppance

Leo and Teddy are the two victims Stephen has slain to date.

Additionally, he has a history of scamming and, as of this week, drugging others’ drinks.

Iain has now stated that Stephen will pay for his actions, though.

But it won’t happen as quickly as we’d like.

“Bad guys usually get their comeuppance in the end,” he said. I will say that there is a lot of fun to be had between now and then. still has some distance to travel.

2. Coronation Street spoilers: Unlikely romance for Max

Max is still waiting for his prison sentence to be announced.

Iain, though, has pledged that Max will be saved.

He’ll also start a seemingly improbable romance with a “rom-com”-style plot.

There’s a happy ending, Iain teased. There is a love tale involved. It’s hilarious when he meets this utterly unexpected love interest.

Who might be Max’s love interest?

3. Daisy’s stalker will cause wedding chaos

For Daisy and Daniel, especially on the day of their wedding, Daisy’s stalker is certain to present problems.

It’s a soap wedding, Iain questioned. When do they ever go without a hitch?

The stalker of Daisy, Justin, will “become part of the drama that takes place surrounding the wedding,” he continued.

Despite this upsetting development, he opined that Daniel and Daisy’s relationship still has hope.

“I believe Daniel and Daisy will be together forever… Even if everything at the wedding doesn’t go exactly as planned… They are a couple in which I do believe that I have a long-term investment.

A huge relief!

4. Coronation Street spoilers: Damon will be reformed

Damon was just taken into custody for having drugs with the intent to supply them.

But as Damon works to improve his situation, there is still hope.

The fact that Damon does, in fact, have “a heart” in his core will lead to the development of a romantic relationship and ultimately influence his decision to return to the path of righteousness.

Iain wonders: “He’s always going to be a bad guy but, you know, a redeemed bad boy is still sort of sexy though, right?” He won’t completely atone for his mistakes because his bad habits will always be a part of him.

5. Hope and Sam will embark on a pre-teen romance

As they both begin to develop crushes on one another, Hope will take a break from misbehaving and instead start a pre-teen romance with Sam.

We’re going to develop a friendship with Sam and Hope that will resemble a pretty innocent pre-teen romance, according to Iain.

We’ll see a more realistic, grounded side of her, he continued.

6. Amy and Aaron will be part of a non-consent storyline

There will be a non-consent plot between Amy and Aaron.

Amy and Aaron will make a drunken kissing scene that will air in March.

However, “a non-consensual sexual contact” occurs later.

Amy will tell her family and friends about what happened that night, and they will encourage her to call the police.

Aaron struggles to accept responsibility for his actions as Amy realizes that he has sexually assaulted her.

In order to inform viewers about non-consensual sex and its repercussions on victims and their families, Coronation Street is collaborating with the charity The Schools Consent Project on this plot.

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