Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod reveals psychological trauma for influencer Daisy as she faces serious danger

The stark difference between Daisy Midgeley and Daniel Osbourne’s characters in Coronation Street is one of the things we admire most about their relationship.

In essence, Daniel is comparable to a young Ken Barlow. He enjoys reading and writing, which radically contrasts with Daisy. He enjoys curling up with a good book.

A young woman named Daisy founded a vibrant and imaginative social networking platform. She frequently attends upscale gatherings because she wants to grow her following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok (probably).

In 2023, as Daisy learns more about the negative aspects of having many online followers, some of whom might end up having unfavorable ideas about her, the world of social media will have a significant impact on this relationship.

According to Corrie head Iain MacLeod, “the plot involves a young woman on the internet and the risks that influencers confront.”

It’s high profile, but in her instance, it has a relatively modest online following, and as the wedding draws near, it puts her in some risk.

Daisy desires a more extravagant wedding than Mini-Ken Barlow, who wants something somber and sophisticated. There is enjoyment to be found there, but a lurking danger from her online life emerges.

Iain continued, “It takes them a bit to see the threats that are brewing.

We are currently engaged in a compelling, timely, and socially significant narrative that will have a significant psychological influence on all of 2023.

“It endangers their relationship, causes Daisy to lose faith in Daniel, and maybe, just maybe, she might have her head turned,” the author writes.

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