Coronation Street boss confirms Daisy and Daniel’s future after wedding twists

Iain MacLeod, the head of Coronation Street, has announced the future of Daniel Osbourne and Daisy Midgeley.

After a rollercoaster on-off romance, the couple got engaged at Christmas and are now getting ready for their wedding.

But Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) is currently coping with a vicious stalking campaign by online fan Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still).

Executive producer MacLeod revealed details about the drama when appearing on Loose Women on Wednesday, and it appears that the drama will continue up until Daisy and Daniel’s forthcoming wedding day (15th February 2023).

“When do soap opera weddings ever go without a hitch? Say it like that, “replied MacLeod.

Obviously, the drama that surrounds the wedding will include this story, which begins today with Daisy encountering her stalker and will go all the way up to and include the wedding day.

Nonetheless, the producer made it clear that Daniel and Daisy’s long-term future is guaranteed regardless of what transpires on the wedding day.

Without giving any surprises, MacLeod said, “But I think Daniel and Daisy are for keeps. Even if the wedding doesn’t happen exactly as planned, I do think long-term that they’re a relationship I’m genuinely invested in.”

Fans of the argumentative couple will be relieved to hear that, but Daisy and Justin are in for a real tribulation soon.

Charlotte Jordan, who plays the character, hinted that the torture Justin puts her through will alter her forever.

Jordan discussed the impact on Daisy to the media.

Daisy is a spunky, self-assured character, Jordan said. You can’t control how other people act, and you can’t control how other people see things, but what you see is this guy just utterly [taking] her power from her.

She consequently feels completely helpless, and you will then watch as Justin gradually eliminates and decimates everything that makes her Daisy, which is just so tragic. All that makes her, her, will just be destroyed slowly but surely by him.

“This storyline was incredibly necessary to do, and it was very creative to do it with a character like Daisy,” she continued.

“She’s a contentious character; there isn’t much room for love or hate with her. You’ll see that she gradually loses all the characteristics that define her Daisy, including her extravagance, flamboyance, campiness, and size. She probably won’t ever be the same again.

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