Coronation Street announces new character and school bullying storyline

As part of a school bullying plot line that will also involve current young characters Dylan Wilson and Liam Connor, Coronation Street has stated that a new character will be moving into Weatherfield.

Mason, a violent Year 11 student at Weatherfield High who will be introduced in the plot as it develops over the course of the autumn, will be played by Manchester actor Luca Toolan.

When Mason is spotted making fun of Ruby Dobbs in an episode showing tonight (September 11), Ruby’s sister, Hope Stape, confronts him. This will be viewers’ first introduction to Mason.

Unfortunately, Mason’s bad behavior doesn’t stop here. He then decides to adopt Dylan as his own before picking Liam as their next victim.

Mason’s abuse of Liam will worsen over the next months, which will make Dylan’s father Sean Tully, Liam’s mother Maria Connor, and Liam’s stepfather Gary Windass all accuse the other’s boys of being the cause.

Will Dylan recognize before it’s too late how harmful Mason’s influence is?

Mason has been referred to as “a bad guy” by actor Luca Toolan, who also hinted that the plot will “get dark” as it progresses.

On his first day, the actor commented, “I found out about the scope of the storyline through Liam [McCheyne, who plays Dylan] and Charlie [Wrenshall, who plays Liam] as they were given a lowdown as to what’s happening.” “They warned me that it would soon become dark. Being here is exciting, but there is also more pressure and obligation to accurately portray this plot.

Mason is a very irate and tormented soul, Toolan revealed, giving us further insight into what to anticipate from him. People behave in such a way for a purpose. In the future, maybe, we’ll be able to delve a little more into the reasons behind his development.

However, I would advise him to seek out the necessary support by enrolling in treatment.

He continued by labeling Mason a “lunatic” and saying that he “would stay away from people like Mason” in real life.

The actor continued by saying that he enjoys playing his evil persona, implying that he would like to explore every aspect of him.

I enjoy watching broken individuals since The Joker is my favorite movie, he said. The vulnerable side of a character is something I truly want to emphasize. There is therefore a lot of freedom and a very high ceiling for the character’s development.

McCheyne also discussed the gritty plot thread, saying that Dylan’s desire to fit in would actually cause him difficulties.

“I believe Dylan just wants to fit in, which is how I’ve described him throughout. Because of his previous contacts in London, he likely wants to make friends no matter what, the man stated.

He said, “He wants to be like the cool kids and fit in. It’s a complete departure from who he used to be, and he doesn’t want to be what he was in London. He can have some freedom, which is almost like a fresh start for him, and I believe it would make him vulnerable to influence.

The actor also claimed that Dylan is “very naive” and that he may not completely grasp what he may be getting into by hanging out with Mason.

Sean may be aware of how harmful Mason’s influence is, but Dylan frequently disregards him, McCheyne claimed. Mason isn’t really Dylan’s friend, but as I’ve stated, he’s easily swayed, so I don’t think he knows what he’s getting into.

The actor went on to say that he believes Dylan’s unexpected relationship with Mason is a result of a combination of his desire to fit in and his fear of the bully.When we start hearing about what Mason has done and we don’t actually know what else he’s capable of, he added, “I think there’s a little bit of both,” “In the end, we’re not going to fight him.”

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