You are currently viewing Coronation Street Alexandra hints future for Emma’s romance

Coronation Street Alexandra hints future for Emma’s romance

“From the beginning, he’s been her savior.”

There are spoilers ahead for Coronation Street.

Alexandra Mardell, who plays Emma Brooker on Coronation Street, has shared further information about her latest relationship storyline.

Curtis Delamere, a new love interest for Emma, is played by former Ackley Bridge star Sam Retford.

When Emma and Curtis cross paths at the pub in the coming series, they form a bond. Curtis is the one who kicked Emma’s father Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) off his bike, causing him to finish last in a recent charity fundraiser.

Once the piece has been restored, Emma and Steve attempt to assist Curtis with his preparation for a work interview at the Bistro.

“With Curtis, I think as soon as Emma sees an attractive young man, she’s already dreaming about all the possibilities that might happen,” Alexandra told Minmaxfeeds and other media about the Emma and Curtis case.

“It wasn’t passion at first sight for me.” While there is some drama with Steve, she is convinced that this is ‘the one.’

“The plot begins as Curtis kindly assists Emma in loading some barrels into The Rovers that she has been dealing with and with which Emma would have no chance.

“From the beginning, he’s been her idol. She’s blown away and can’t wait to show him to Steve before it all goes wrong because they’ve already met! Steve recognizes him and is dissatisfied with him.”

“He’s just cute and very intellectual as well,” Alexandra said when asked why Emma is drawn to Curtis. He seems to be hardworking, and they are preparing for his job interview at the Bistro with a role-playing, interview scenario so she can see his positive attributes. She’s very taken aback.

“Curtis is so sweet, romantic, and supportive, which is just what Emma requires right now. She’s looking for her Prince Charming, as well as someone to look after her for a bit.

“It’s past Emma’s time to meet somebody. She’s giving it her all. Emma has waited a long time to find the right person for her.

“It’s incredible to be able to play such kinds of collapsing partnerships. That’s where the action is, but I’d like to see what Emma is like in a long-term relationship because I haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet.”

ITV’s Coronation Street airs at 7.30 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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Get rid of that cow tgat just came on corrie, Sharon has to go i hste all the violence and soon giving up if it doesn’t change, can’t stand it!!!!!

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