Coronation Street airs exit for Christina after new row with Daisy

Christina’s exit from Coronation Street has been seen, but not before she gave Daisy a foreboding warning.

Amy Robbins recently made a quick appearance as Daisy’s mother after confirming a few weeks prior that filming for her brief stay on the cobbles had already concluded.

The beginning of Friday’s episode (March 24) was tense for the two as Christina revealed she had invited Samantha and Ellie, Daisy’s “school buddies,” to the Hen Do.

Although Christina downplayed her daughter’s memories of being bullied by the two kids, Daisy was everything but delighted by the blast from her past.

Daisy became upset when one of her former friends made fun of Gemma during a game of Truth or Dare, and Christina failed to defend her daughter’s Weatherfield friends.

Christina said, “Just wind your neck in.”

Rita had enough when the girls made fun of Daisy for living in Weatherfield and left after calling Samantha and Ellie “a great pair of nincompoops.”

When Daisy confessed that she had phoned a cab for her “old pals” and her mother and had then told them all to exit the Rovers, Christina was astonished.

She told her mother, “I don’t want you at the wedding.”

Christina insulted Daisy as she turned to leave, saying, “You are no different from any other lady in our family who has never had a pleasant wedding day.

“There is a familial omen, you see. True enough, the day was cursed from the start. I prefer to be as far away from it as possible.”

Viewers knew Daisy’s stalker Justin would interfere with her wedding day with plans for an acid attack, so Christina’s words were a terrifying premonition.

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