Coronation Street airs breakthrough for Cassie Plummer after relapse

After a relapse on Coronation Street, Cassie Plummer might have at last achieved success.

As Cassie battled to abstain from drugs and win Tyrone, her long-lost son, over, the episode from last Wednesday (September 6) was full of highs and lows for her.

When Tyrone gave Cassie the cash to go pick up Ruby’s new footwear in town, she made a terrible mistake. Cassie visited with Dean, her drug dealer, and purchased more pills instead of using the money to purchase Ruby’s gift.

Evelyn was furious when she learned that Tyrone had offered Cassie money; regrettably, her suspicions were confirmed when her daughter failed to arrive with the boots.

When Michael Bailey mentioned he’d witnessed a man attack Cassie in the street last week, everything began to fall apart. Abi was compelled to reveal that the man was Cassie’s dealer as a result.

Tyrone listened in disbelief as Abi revealed that Cassie had turned to stealing from the petty cash to try to pay back her dealer for the money she owed him.

The family hurried outside to look, and sadly Hope discovered Cassie overdosing and fallen over on the sidewalk.

While waiting for the ambulance, Abi discovered pregabalin pills in Cassie’s pocket. After being brought to the hospital, the emergency room staff was able to stabilize Cassie.

Evelyne urged Tyrone to prioritize the girls back at No. 9 because there was no way they should currently share a home with Cassie.

Tyrone felt he had no choice but to tell his mother that she needed to leave and, for the time being, compel her to return to the precinct apartment.

Later, Tyrone sent a message through Abi saying that the possibility of a future relationship was still open.

He might not want you living with his children, but he still cares about you, Abi reassured her.

While Abi was honest enough to confess she didn’t have “a long-term solution,” she had committed to watch over Cassie in the interim.

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