Coronation Street: 7 things that need to happen before 2023

Even though Coronation Street is enjoying a fantastic year, we still want more.

Before the year is over, we need to see a few things happen in Weatherfield.

They are present here.

Stephen Reid kills again

Since there hasn’t been a serial killer on Coronation Street in a while, Stephen will have to step in since Gary Windass has been a huge letdown.

He murdered Leo, using a trashcan no less, and now it’s time for his next move: killing a person close to him in order to conceal his identity.

Currently, Gabrielle, his ex-wife, is the most likely candidate, but he could still surprise us.

Bosses have made a lot of effort to say that Audrey is safe, but what about Gail?

Could she be killed by her own brother when she was married to a murderer?

Summer gets cured

No matter how absurd that might sound, viewers would believe it simply to save them the agony of witnessing another fall.

Yes, it’s crucial that soap operas address health issues, but do they really need to do it in a way that makes the majority of viewers want to enter a diabetic coma in order to avoid it?

The fact that Summer is the most depressing character in Corrie’s history doesn’t help.

Actress Harriet Bibby has to do anything other than pratfall and mope, so please stop it right away.

Give Nina a Coronation Street storyline

With her portrayal of the hate crime plot line that resulted in Seb Franklin’s death, actress Mollie Gallagher was nothing short of a revelation.

It would be wonderful if Coronation Street executives could keep that in mind and give her a significant plot. She more than proved herself as an actress.

Get her on screen and let her do her thing right now; it doesn’t even matter what it is.

It’s amazing to watch.

We find out who Mad Dog is

Recall Mad Dog? Future serial killer Hope Stape was conversing with the strange online user…

They showed a connection to Hope by showing a great deal of interest in her family life.

Jade, a psychotic relative, or even her father, a long-thought-dead killer, may be the culprit.

Or is it Hope’s mom Fiz’s short-tempered stepdad Phill, who is out for blood after losing his ideal marriage to her?

In either case, Coronation Street executives must identify the culprit and reveal their plans.

Coronation Street: Charlie Walters killer revealed

I mean, it’s not too much to expect that the real murderer be revealed.

We need to find out who actually committed the murder because Stu spent years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

The truth must be revealed; it is not enough for Stu to receive money and have his name cleansed.

Even if it does mean that his daughter or ex-girlfriend must admit to what they did.

Spider is exposed on Coronation Street

Toyah Battersby is participating in a risky game being played by the undercover cop.

With a little assistance from her lover Spider, she just managed to assassinate Imran Habeeb’s husband, but she keeps finding herself dragged back into his murky world.

The only thing that could prevent Toyah from radicalizing into an eco-terrorist is Spider telling the truth.

Will he be sincere, though? Or will he be revealed, breaking Toyah’s heart once more?

Roy gets Hayley’s coat back

The idea of Roy severing his final ties to Hayley is actually upsetting.

especially if her signature red coat is involved.

Evelyn stormed out of Weatherfield and the charity shop, and it appears that he may never get it back.

But he must, for the artifact is too significant to be lost.

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