Coronation Street: 5 reasons Jodie Prenger arriving is the best thing since sliced bread

The executives of Coronation Street pulled off a brilliant move by hiring Jodie Prenger.

On Friday, August 5, Weatherfield’s response to Jane McDonald debuted with a boom and was amazing.

Why do we already adore Jodie Prenger from Coronation Street?

1. Glenda is a do-er

Fresh off her cruise ship, Mary acted quickly when she saw her brother George lying motionless in the back of a hearse.

In a moment that could only be pulled off by Corrie, she successfully reassured the grieving widow of the choirmaster and convinced her against cremating him with his trombone.

She ushered the widow inside the undertakers for her own costume change, explaining that spreading ashes with molten metal wouldn’t be the best idea.

2. Coronation Street costume change

Her summertime cruise attire vanished, and Our Glenda of the Veil appeared instead.

Let’s assume she always carries a casket and a funeral conducting costume.

She was the hostess with the mostess at the wake, expertly managing the proceedings while persuading Sean to pick up a grieving dentist.

3. She enjoys a drink

But as soon as it was over, she started turning the house red, as though prohibition had just begun.

A tale began to take shape when she first noticed Eileen Grimshaw, George’s girlfriend, and said that she smelled just like her grandmother.

4. Jodie Prenger is classic Coronation Street

Glenda is a staple of Corrie, and her arrival couldn’t have been more welcome.

With her fiery red hair, acid tongue, and endless tales of her exploits at sea, she is sure to keep spectators enthralled for years.

Jodie Prenger is also simply amazing.

The actress has expressed a desire to join the cobbles, and we are thrilled that she has done so.

5. A Corrie icon in the making

She is quite literally Richard Hillman, or as he is known, the best thing to happen to soaps since sliced bread.

And a tiny bird informs us that she will get the opportunity to perform a sing-song in the upcoming weeks to showcase her vocal prowess.

What more could fans of Corrie ask for?

Would she be the one serving customers at the Rovers? She is on track to become as iconic as Bet Lynch because that is what is taking place.

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