Coleen Nolan headed for Coronation Street role alongside Jodie Prenger as long-lost Shuttleworth sister?

Coleen Nolan, a star of Loose Women, made light of the possibility that she would co-star with Jodie Prenger on Coronation Street as her long-lost sister.

Ruth Langsford, a guest on the show today where Jodie, who debuts as the rambunctious Glenda Shuttleworth this week, appeared, gave the idea to the panel show host.

Ruth conceived the idea while Jodie and Coleen, who have known each other since they were young children, were making jokes about their real-life sisterly relationship.

Jodie Prenger’s appearance in Coronation Street is when?

Do you know what, the former host of This Morning said? Perhaps a tale about your long-lost sister returning from somewhere should be written.

Coleen responded, “Well, my parents went to school with your sister anyway,” to Jodie’s enthusiastic response. Surely we are linked.

We are Irish, she added.

Coleen retorted with a smile, “How funny would that be?”

Ruth, though, was serious and continued, “No, not funny. I believe that would be fantastic.

When Coleen turned to Jodie, she appeared to shrug off the idea and said, “If you could call them to inform them I’m not auditioning though!”

“Imagine if you were entering the set right now,” Ruth said. I’m praising you.

Gloria Hunniford then offered the name “Maisie” in response to her question about what her name would be.

But don’t expect to see Coleen on the cobbles any time soon; she seemed uncomfortable being the center of attention.

Glenda, who is George Shuttleworth’s sister, is portrayed by Jodie.
In June, it was revealed that Jodie will be joining the Corrie cast as George Shuttleworth’s sister.

Jodie, who gained stardom in 2008 on I’d Do Anything, will make her movie debut this Friday (August 5).

After having a disagreement with her supervisor, Glenda, a cruise ship singer, travels to Weatherfield.

Though she doesn’t stay unemployed for long, she quickly finds work at the Rovers as a bartender.

When asked about her casting at the time, Jodie said: “I know I sound like a soppy sod, but being on Coronation Street has always been on my bucket list.

“It’s an honor, and this moment in my life is definitely one of a kind.

“To take part in something that my family and I have long loved. And what a character, I must say, a complete dream role.

I’m really excited for you all to meet Glenda Shuttleworth, George’s sister, who is witty and outspoken.

She said, “I immediately adore Tony Maudsley; what a fella! One of the most nerve-wracking moments you’ll have is your first day on the cobbles, and everyone was just so incredibly beautiful, warm, and gracious.

It met all of my expectations and then some.

“Glenda breezes in fresh from the cruise ships with a fragrance of the exotic, instantly making best friends and enemies in equal measure,” producer Iain MacLeod remarked.

The persona is hilarious and reminds me of vintage Coronation Street women.

“Jodie is an incredible talent, and we are all thrilled to have her on board.

She immediately seemed like a part of Corrie, and I think the audience will adore her.

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