Chloe Harris gets mystery visitor after giving birth in Emmerdale

MACKENZIE Chaos is approaching just as Boyd and Charity Dingle are getting ready to wed.

Next week on Emmerdale, Chloe Harris gives birth to their lovechild while receiving assistance from an unidentified guest.

In scenes appearing on ITV, chaos will take over the town, leading viewers to question whether Charity (played by Emma Atkins) and Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) will actually get married.

However, Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) and Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) decide to have a pampering night while they finalize the last few arrangements of their wedding ceremony. That is, until the latter’s waters rupture and she gets ready to meet her baby for the first time.

The day before their wedding, the pair finds themselves in a jail because Mack is too preoccupied with Charity to be by her side. This is hinted at in teasers.

While experiencing a contraction on her own, Chloe implores Sarah—her only source of support—to prepare for her grandmother’s wedding.

Sarah agrees and shows up for the ceremony.

She makes the decision to inform Mack and Charity that Chloe has given birth.

The hottie instantly leaves, saying he has an urgent matter to attend to.

Chloe demands her phone in the hospital so she can text an unknown individual.

When Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) sees his friend Mackenzie struggling under the weight of the world, he urges him to move quickly.

After giving it some thought, Mack reads a note on his phone before leaving on a mission.

While Chloe is in the latter stages of labor in the hospital, Charity worries the worst in the church.

An emotional Chloe is relieved to see a mysterious person enter the room as the door is quickly flung open.

Possibly Mackenzie?

Or perhaps someone else in Chloe’s immediate circle will decide to provide her with the assistance she needs for the delivery?

Chloe is close to her birth mother Kerry Wyatt and has been attempting to connect with her long-lost sister Amy Wyatt.

Kerry, however, left the named village after Al Chapman’s passing.

Kerry was forced to accept a job on a cruise ship because the businessman left her in a precarious financial situation.

Could she, however, make it back in time to see her grandson?

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