Charli XCX reacts to EastEnders baby name tribute

Charli XCX has expressed her gratitude to the EastEnders authors for naming Lily Slater and Ricky Jr.’s child after her.

Lily and Ricky revealed in a scene from Tuesday night’s (September 5) edition of the BBC soap opera, which has since gone viral online, that they have chosen to name their newborn daughter Charli Branning Slater after pop singer Charli XCX rather than her uncle Charlie Slater, who passed away in 2016.

It didn’t take long for the ‘Speed Drive’ singer to learn about the clip and tweet her response: “Shout out my gays in the writers room!”

EastEnders story producer Kyri Zindilis replied to Charli’s tweet by saying, “It’s a pleasure Miss XCX,”

Charli XCX has recorded five studio albums since getting her first record deal in 2010, along with a number of popular singles, including her most recent single, “Speed Drive,” which was composed for the Barbie soundtrack.

The singer will make her acting debut in a forthcoming adaptation of the 1978 horror movie Faces of Death opposite Dacre Montgomery from Stranger Things and Barbie Ferreira from Euphoria, it was revealed earlier this year.

While Lily was giving delivery, Theo Hawthorne in the realm of EastEnders was finally exposed.

When Stacey was kept captive while she was supposed to be with daughter Lily, the stalker’s months of deception and manipulation came to light.

But happily, Eve and Martin were there in time to prevent Theo from hurting Stacey, allowing her to rush to Lily’s side and assist her during labor.

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