Charley Webb hits back after being trolled for her appearance in latest Instagram post

After receiving trolling for her appearance in her most recent Instagram photo, Charley Webb, an actress from Emmerdale, has responded. After the insulting remarks, supporters also came to the actress’s defense.

Trolls recently felt the need to criticize Charley’s appearance on social media, saying that she appeared “too skinny.”

Charley has now responded to a comment made in her defense after receiving abuse for her appearance.

Charley Webb trolled for her appearance

Charley posted a number of videos and images from the bank holiday on Instagram yesterday (May 8, 2023).

She may be seen singing and dancing at her friend’s BBQ in the first video. The following pictures shows Charley having a good time with her family over the long weekend.

The title for Charley’s post said, “Bank holiday Beautiful Chaos,” and she then described each slide.

Sadly, after watching her dance video on Instagram, some individuals teased Charley. She was allegedly described as being “too skinny.”

Charley Webb hits back at Instagram trolls

The Debbie Dingle actress’s supporters have backed her and expressed their affection for her in the comments.

Looks like a great Bank Holiday, one individual commented. Godspeed, xxx And after reading some pointless remarks… Just wow… Don’t bother, I have nothing pleasant to say. Enjoy your week, Miss CW xxx.

A second supporter of Charley asked, “Are we ever going to learn to stop judging each other’s bodies?”

Another person defended the celebrity, saying: “So… Posts a video of herself having fun, she’s “too skinny”; posts advertisements, “too many advertisements; perhaps gains weight, must be pregnant; pictures of children, shouldn’t expose them; no pictures, “where have you gone”? Why do people think they can do no wrong?

Charley then responded to the comment in her defense, writing “Innit,” coupled with a peace sign emoji, to retaliate against the bullies.

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