Charles Anderson struggles to cope as mum Claudette makes heartbreaking confession in Emmerdale

In recent unexpected television broadcasts, victor Anderson passed away.

Charles struggles as his mother Claudette makes an agonizing confession in Emmerdale, and he conceals a significant matter.

After suffering from a brain aneurysm, Victor Anderson was discovered dead in St. Mary’s Church.

ITV viewers were saddened by the untimely death, especially following Rishi Sharma’s own passing, but Charles Anderson received the largest shock.

The local priest, played by Kevin Mathurin, is struggling to live without his father and is consumed with remorse for a dark motive.

Next week, however, Charles will have to deal with his mother Claudette’s anguish when she makes a shocking revelation.

Coming up, the bereaved matriarch, played by Flo Wilson, admits she needed Charles’ help more than she had originally let on.

As a result, Rebecca Sarker, Manpreet Sharma’s partner in Charles, feels bad about the GP’s continued secrecy.

Claudette had no idea that Charles is to blame for his father’s reputation being severely harmed.

Victor had been charged with theft before to his passing after Manpreet’s son Jai discovered a necklace that had been left behind by Rishi for Manpreet in Victor’s pocket.

Given Victor’s past criminal record, Manpreet, Claudette, and Jai came to the conclusion that he had taken the necklace for himself.

Victor, though, insisted he was innocent and escaped the house before the police arrived to arrest him.

Victor’s pocket contained the necklace, which was subsequently discovered to have been placed there by Charles in an effort to permanently get rid of him.

Charles had a hard time accepting the fact that his father had changed his illegal ways and was convinced he was making up his health problems.

Charles wanted to spare his mother any more suffering, so he decided it was time Victor went back to jail after witnessing him and Claudette become closer than ever.

Charles told Manpreet what he had done, but could anyone else learn about it?

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