You are currently viewing Charity Dingle is devastated after hearing the news about Vanessa Woodfield on Emmerdale.

Charity Dingle is devastated after hearing the news about Vanessa Woodfield on Emmerdale.

Fans of Vanity will be disappointed.
In next week’s episodes, Charity Dingle will be surprised to learn that Vanessa Woodfield has a new girlfriend.

Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) left the village while recovering from a colon cancer diagnosis, and Charity (Emma Atkins) struggled while she was gone, causing the fan-favorite couple to break down.
The charity was annoyed by Vanessa’s distance, and while she subsequently blamed it on the stress of awaiting her cancer results, Charity made a terrible mistake and kissed Mackenzie Boyd, with image evidence reaching Vanessa.

Vanessa is rumored to be returning shortly as Michelle Hardwick’s maternity leave expires, but it doesn’t appear to be with the aim of the couple reconnecting.
Charity overhears Tracy Metcalfe, who has been staying with Vanessa, talking about Vanessa having a new girlfriend and is distraught, as seen in scenes next week.
However, it appears that everyone is pulling for them to reconcile at some time, with Emma Atkins stating that seeing Charity fight for her would be “beautiful.”

“Obviously, given the circumstances, they won’t be able to get back together right now,” she explained.
“In the long run, having her fight for Vanessa would be fantastic, but I’m not sure if that’s just gone and is irreversible due to the harm she’s caused. It will be regrettable if Charity does not put up a fight when Vanessa returns to the hamlet. I believe she should make an effort to show her.

“I don’t think it’s possible to fall out of love with someone. Vanessa is the only person Charity has genuinely loved except Cain. As a result, I believe she will put up a fight.
“Vanessa, on the other hand, I believe is different because she is so morally upright and full of love. It’d be interesting if Vanessa fell in love and Charity was envious. That would be extremely fascinating. Perhaps the final goal of putting them back together would be great.”
These scenes will air on ITV’s Emmerdale on Thursday, August 26 at 8 p.m.

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