Carla Connor faces serious danger in Coronation Street

When it appeared like CARLA Connor’s psychosis had returned, she gave everyone the scare of a lifetime.

Little do the residents of Coronation Street realize that she has actually turned into a murder target for Stephen Reid.

Paul Foreman was testing out Peter Barlow’s new motorcycle when the Underworld boss, played by Alison King, drove into him. ITV viewers watched in disbelief.

Given that her husband Peter (Chris Gascoyne) was adamantly persuaded she was relapsing into psychosis, this prompted Carla to seek some time for herself.

The next week, Carla will feel ready to go back to work, and Peter will pick up some files for her after noticing her improved condition.

He says that Carla hopes to return in the next days while still at the factory.

As a result, Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) drops by Carla’s apartment with the file.

She may have been pushing herself, too, for she soon starts to feel lightheaded and disoriented while Stephen is around.

Carla is forced to help out when a distraught Peter tells Stephen he’s going to call the doctor.

Later shots show Carla battling git and on the verge of returning to work after further recuperation.

Stephen is worried and urges Sarah Platt, his niece (Tina O’Brien), to persuade her that her mental state is still too precarious for her to go back to work.

Does the PA concur?

Stephen also tells Paula Wilcox’s Elaine Metcalfe that he can now afford to pay back the debt in full.

Is everything, however, really what it seems?

Without a doubt.

Fans of the Manchester-based drama will recall that Stephen laced Carla’s tea with liquid LSD, which is why she is in such bad shape.

After delivering the necessary file to Carla and Peter’s apartment, he strikes again by adding LSD to her glass of water, making it very obvious that he will do whatever it takes to keep her away from his business.

Leo and Teddy Thompkins, a father and son team, were the victims of Stephen’s first two murders.

Yet when he unsuccessfully attempted to seize control of the Underworld factory behind Carla’s back, Stephen promised to hold her accountable.

Might this ultimately lead to the murder of Carla?

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