Cain invites Caleb to discover the secret of a lifetime in Emmerdale

Following a turbulent relationship, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and brother Caleb (William Ash) appear to have put the past behind them. Now, a fresh Emmerdale spoiler video suggests that they may be getting ready to go on a road trip together.

When Tom King (James Chase) enters the Woolpack, the brothers are there having a drink together, and they immediately start making fun of him for his misfortune the week before.

The viewers saw the frightening moments in which unfortunate Tom was attacked and then had his automobile stolen.

To Tom’s annoyance, the Dingle brothers find the entire affair humorous despite Tom’s suffering.

When Cain picks up a mystery text message, his attitude abruptly turns gloomier as they carry on making jokes about selling him a new automobile.

When Tom is no longer in the room, Caleb notices Cain’s change in attitude and inquires as to his well-being.

When Caleb asks if he wants to take a break, Cain suddenly assumes a peculiar demeanor.

He simply asks whether he wants to leave town for a “little adventure,” refusing to provide any other information.

We all wonder what on earth Cain has in store for us as he remains evasive when Caleb asks him what he has in mind.

Future episodes will see Moira (Natalie J. Robb) become enraged as Cain and Caleb leave on their quest in spite of her protests.

What sort of “adventure” are the men embarking on, and where exactly are they going?

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