Cain Dingle and Caleb Milligan hide huge secret from Moira and Chas in Emmerdale

Since they first met, there has been constant conflict between Caleb Milligan and Cain Dingle.

However, the two Emmerdale tough guys have a dark secret that they both keep hidden from Chas and Moira Dingle.

When Caleb (Will Ash) first arrived in the ITV village, Cain Dingle (played by soap opera icon Jeff Hordley) developed an instant dislike for him.

The siblings are now, however, getting along after a good number of challenges and passing through time.

The two even work together as they organize a strange journey away from the titular settlement the next week.

Coming up, getting serious after receiving a puzzling text message during some sibling chitchat in the Woolie, Cain asks Caleb if he’d want to leave town for a little while.

Cain is determined to conceal the purpose for their road trip after making a covert call.

When Moira (Natalie J. Robb) and vigilant Chas (Lucy Pargeter) arrive, he then asks Caleb to make an excuse for them.

As Moira follows them on their enigmatic road trip, Cain and Caleb make a deal to stick together.

Cain left despite her request for him not to, leaving her fuming.

Exactly what will the brothers do?

As was already noted, Cain and Caleb haven’t always gotten along as well as they should have.

Since Cain is a notorious troublemaker in the Dale, this was primarily caused by his cautious attitude.

When it was discovered that Caleb was Frank Tate’s illegitimate son in June 2023, everything changed course.

Aleb utilized this as a means of obtaining the wealth of the Tate family, to which he felt he was legally entitled.

He even used his son Nicky’s assistance, who despite being gay, managed to seduce Gabby Thomas.

Nicky told Gabby the truth just before the wedding because she couldn’t bear to continue living a lie, which finally brought Caleb to his knees.

What plan will he employ next?

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