Brooke Vincent reveals why she won’t return to Coronation Street

Brooke Vincent played the endearing Sophie Webster for 18 years on Coronation Street, but she has recently explained why the role won’t be revived anytime soon.

After becoming pregnant and giving birth to her first child in October of that year, Brooke quit the program in 2019. With football player Kean Bryan, she has now given birth to a second son.

The actress has now acknowledged that her limited time with her kids will be impacted by her demanding schedule at Coronation Street.

In a recent interview with OK!, she said, “The challenging thing about Corrie was that the hours aren’t a typical nine to five, or you couldn’t go part-time, or you couldn’t start after 10am.”

She continued by saying that she would have to hire a nanny in order to return to the ITV soap.

I didn’t want that to interfere with my time spent with my first child. I felt that doing so while I could was the best course of action for me and my family at the moment.

Brooke isn’t abandoning acting altogether despite ruling out a return to Coronation Street.

“Corrie” will always be my home, but the show continues and will always be there. They have no expiration date. Smaller projects will therefore be manageable for me because they have a start and an end date.

She also talked about how Kean’s job makes things challenging because they might have to move with each new football season.

Since Corrie is filmed in Manchester, she explained, “I don’t know where Kean’s going to be next season.”

“Especially now, when the boys are so small, I don’t want to be in a position where one of you needs to stay in one area, and the other somewhere else. Before we have to settle down, look for schools, and offer the kids that stability, I think anywhere may be a little adventure.

Sadly, it appears that Sophie Webster will be permanently removed from our screens for the time being.

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