EastEnders: Top 10 spoilers for next week

Bobby tells Dana he loves her.

While they’re still reeling from Dana’s startling attack, Bobby tells Peter he’s going to surprise her.

Harvey is also attempting to persuade Dana to end her relationship with Bobby, but she’s not having it.

Bobby and Dana are eating breakfast when Iqra comes in to tell that the new mosque application has moved on to the next stage. After that, Bobby offers Dana a gift and declares his love for her.

Bobby made a big mistake

When Harvey opens Dana’s dressing gown and discovers a letter, he is shocked by what he finds. Exasperated, he confronts Dana about postponing education for a year, but she defends her decision and maintains her mind has already been made up about it.

Harvey tries to persuade Bobby to persuade Dana to reconsider her decision, believing that he is to blame. After Bobby reluctantly agrees, things take a terrible turn. Is there any way to tell if Bobby erred?

Whitney softens towards Gray

Next week, Whitney will be dejected because she believes she’s failed in the singing competition.

After a chance encounter with Gray, she accepts his invitation to supper, but Whitney declines since she is still haunted by Kush.

Gray tries to persuade Jen to include Whitney in her entertainment business showcase lineup so that he can win her round. After Jen changed her mind, Whitney learned from Gray that she blames him for it.

Gray persuades Whitney to give them a try, but he promises to take things slowly.

Janine to face consequences

When Scarlett, Janine’s little daughter, sees her and Zack together, it’s going to have consequences.

Kat is likewise enraged by Janine’s carelessness, and Billy urges her to change her ways if she wants to reclaim Scarlet.

Lola and Isaac are struggles continues

Due to Isaac’s time off from work, Lola and Isaac are having difficulty securing a rental with proof of income.

Lola tells Patrick despite Isaac’s wishes and he agrees to be their guarantor despite his objections.

Gray makes a terrible move

Gray stands by Whitney during rehearsals, but things take an unexpected turn when Jen offers Whitney a job on a cruise ship.

Gray tries to talk Whitney out of it because he fears he will lose her, but she refuses. Gray is determined to put an end to her schemes, so he takes matters into his own hands.

Dana set to make big decision

Harvey, who is adamant that Dana attend college, begs Kat for more employment so he can help pay for it.

Dana observes, touched by his efforts, but she later informs him that she has formally delayed her spot and wants him to accept her decision.

Alarm bells are ringing for Rainie

Rainie has reason to be concerned after Mick makes the drug claim.

As a result, Bernie is skeptical of Rainie, but Keegan is determined to assist his sister in discovering the truth.

Keegan confronts Rainie and Stuart, but things quickly spiral out of control, necessitating Tiffany’s intervention to keep things under control. Later, Keegan apologizes and Rainie agrees to a drugs test after realizing how far he had gone.

Tiff and Keegan make a good team.

Bernie says Tiff and Keegan are a terrific team after their fight with Rainie.

When Tiff and Vinny finally come clean to Keegan about their deception, the two decide to be friends.

Tiff, on the other hand, is livid after receiving notice that he’s closed their joint bank account. Tiff and Whitney go out for a drink to make up for their blunder, but when they get there, they find a bottle of champagne waiting for them. Who is the sender?

Janine has returned!

Janine will see an opportunity while enjoying a drink in The Vic since she knows she needs to turn things around quickly.

Frankie is having difficulty managing the pub crowd, so Janine steps in to help and Frankie agrees to let her work with her for a trial period.

Sharon is taken aback when she sees Janine, but she is thrilled to be working behind the bar again and is eager to share her excitement with Scarlet. Is Janine’s situation improving?

Suki hard work continues

But Billy is too busy at work to assist Honey in getting Janet to an important audition on time.

Honey is fearful that Suki is treating her unfairly at work, so she asks for time off with apprehension, only to be given the cold shoulder once more.

As a result of Honey’s investigation, she confronts Suki, accusing her of harassing her for refusing to reciprocate her kiss. Honey is taken aback when Suki seems to be clueless about what she’s talking about.

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