Blackmail bombshell for Noah Dingle in Emmerdale

Difficult teen Noah Dingle changed his ways and stood up for Esther Spencer and Amelia Spencer.

Nevertheless, his cousin Samson plans to use blackmail in Emmerdale the following week to make his life even more difficult.

Baby Esther has never had a place in Samson Dingle’s life, played by Sam Hall.

As his relationship with Amelia Spencer (played by Daisy Campbell) continues, this has inspired Noah (played by Jack Downham) to accept fatherhood.

ITV viewers caught wind of Samson’s evil intentions for the small family, though.

Sam continues to build resentment between Noah and Amelia in the upcoming scene.

The situation is made worse by Dan Spencer’s (Liam Fox) realization that his finances are precarious and his battle with being unable to provide for his family.

They are left scratching their heads and looking for a solution while Noah reacts angrily upon learning that he has lost his apprenticeship.

Happily, the child doesn’t have to wait too long because he quickly rushes off to meet a potential new job. But, this forces Amelia to arrange childcare for her infant.

Later, when Noah finds out that Samson had been caring for Esther while he was away, he becomes furious and harbors serious doubts about Samson’s motivations.

Samson adores playing pranks on Noah and is obviously trying to get Amelia’s approval in order to annoy him even more.

But later on, he makes clear what he’s really want, and it will directly affect Noah’s finances.

When Samson tricks him into accepting a payoff from his trust fund—which his aunt Zoe started—he is expelled.

Samson pledges to stay away from Esther in return, and Noah accepts the payment.

Samson is delighted to receive two grand to keep Esther and Amelia at a distance.

Could he be found out?

Samson’s father Sam (James Hooton) is also struggling and wishing he could do more for his granddaughter Esther while Samson is extorting money from Noah.

The gatekeeper of Home Farm asks his half-brother Cain to raise Dan Spencer’s pay, but the mechanic declines.

This forces Sam to pursue his own criminal activities, and trouble shows up in the form of Eric Pollard as a result.

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