Bernice Blackstock suffers new blow in Emmerdale as she struggles with illness

BERNICE Despite being unwell, Blackstock is dealt a six by Pollard’s preparations.

Samantha Giles’ character, the Emmerdale hairdresser, is going through menopause and has had a hard time adjusting to her symptoms.

Bernice’s situation worsens when Pollard decides to sell the B&B, which results in her losing her job.

The following week’s events will show Nicola worrying that her sister Bernice is moving too quickly with the plans for her new employment.

Later, Bernice is saddened to learn that Pollard (Chris Chittell) intends to sell the B&B, which will make her job impossible.

What is Bernice going to do next?

Has she burned all her bridges or will she try to crawl back to Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) in the salon?

Bernice is left with food for thought when Nicola proposes she purchase the B&B herself, even as she laments the loss of her new employment.

What advice will Bernice heed?

Kyle admits to killing someone in the Dales.

The tale takes a frightening turn despite Natalie Jamieson’s Natalie J Robb’s Natalie Jamieson’s mom Amy Wyatt and stepmom Moira Dingle’s (Natalie Jamieson) valiant efforts to shield Kyle as his father Cain accepts responsibility for Al’s passing.

While Moira is accosted by the police at Butler’s Farm, Amy becomes frightened when a policeman approaches her.

Mack is also brought in for interrogation in the meanwhile.

However, when DS Malik presses Moira about her trip away with Kyle, she sticks to her tale, and Mack likewise remains silent in the interrogation room when he is probed for information about Kyle.

When Amy’s own interview occurs, she makes an effort to follow the predetermined line, but Matty becomes alarmed when DS Malik warns him about the repercussions of tampering with the process of justice.

Later, with the stakes at an all-time high, Matty, Moira, Mack, and Amy gather at the farm.

Moira is relieved that she can at least talk to her husband Cain again, and he schedules a call for that day.

Kyle, though, reiterates that he killed Al when Malik shows up to bring him in for questioning.

What will now transpire with Kyle and Cain? Is the frightened boy doomed to failure?

ITV1 broadcasts Emmerdale on weekdays.

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