Belle Dingle makes shock discovery about boyfriend Tom King in Emmerdale

During recent trips to the Yorkshire Dales, THOMAS King has grown more reclusive than ever.

His lover Belle Dingle appears to discover what he has been concealing in Emmerdale the next week.

ITV viewers came to the conclusion that James Chase’s portrayal of Thomas King wasn’t as reliable as he claimed to be.

After spending ten years in Saudi Arabia, the protagonist returned to the titular village earlier this year and resumed his romance with his ex-girlfriend Belle Dingle (Eden-Taylor Draper).

Thomas got the chance to reconnect with his uncle Jimmy by going back to Emmerdale, albeit doing so wasn’t simple.

While tensions between Jimmy and Thomas began to rise, the young man’s relationship with Belle was off to a promising start.

But after Thomas was robbed, assaulted, and had his car stolen, cracks started to show because of his shady attitude, which made viewers of the soap opera and Belle worry whether he was concealing something.

Thomas argued that there was nothing to be concerned about, but nothing is ever as it seems in the Dales since twists and turns are constantly around the corner.

Next week, though, it becomes obvious that Thomas is hiding something when Belle learns shocking information about his family.

Belle is devastated to find that Tom’s mother Colleen has passed away in the next scene.

When Tom learns that Belle is aware of the passing of his mother, he puts on a front.

What is he concealing, and how will he respond now that Belle is fully informed?

How did Colleen pass away, and may her death influence Thomas’ sister Anya to visit the town?

Thomas is the son of Colleen and the evil Carl King, who was eliminated from the Yorkshire-based soap opera in October 2012.

Thomas, Colleen, and his sister Anya moved to Saudi Arabia in 2010, yet the young man returned to Emmerdale after his father passed away.

Chas Dingle was terrorised and stalked by Thomas in an effort to punish her for her role in Carl’s death.

Could Thomas seriously consider ending his relationship with Belle and leaving Emmerdale in the wake of his mother’s unexpected death?

What is there Belle can do to help him?

Could Tom have more on his mind than first appears to be the case?

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