BBC Celebrity MasterChef viewers floored by Ryan Thomas’ real age

On the popular BBC cooking program Celebrity MasterChef, Ryan Thomas’ young appearance astounded fans. As he competed for a spot in the quarterfinals, the former Coronation Street actor was preparing sweet and sour prawn balls.

As the heats progressed on Thursday night, Ryan faced off against Kitty Scott-Claus of Drag Race UK, Katya Jones of Strictly Come Dancing, and TV personality Lisa Snowdon (September 1). However, Ryan’s appearance caught viewers’ attention since many said he hadn’t aged at all since he first featured in Corrie.

From 2000 until 2016, Ryan portrayed Jason Grimshaw in the ITV soap opera. Also a cast member of Neighbours, he took first place in the final season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Additionally, people found it hard to believe he was 38 years old. They posted their comments on Twitter.

Blowpop enquired: “Since he appeared in Corrie, has Ryan aged at all? #celebritymasterchef.” Tash P351 concurred: “Gosh. Ryan Thomas seems to have aged extremely well. And he can cook, too. #celebritymasterchef.”

Ryan declared his retirement from acting in March 2021, stating that he had “truly lost the bug for it.”

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