You are currently viewing As Jean Slater returns to EastEnders, Ruby Allen is worried about being discovered out.

As Jean Slater returns to EastEnders, Ruby Allen is worried about being discovered out.

Will she acknowledge that she cheated on Stacey?
As Jean Slater comes to EastEnders, Ruby Allen will be wary about being discovered.
Ruby recently admitted to Jean that she lied to her about Stacey Slater throwing her down the club steps and then sewed her up so she could go to prison.
Ruby has been handed an ultimatum by Jean: either confess everything to Martin Fowler while she’s away from Walford, or she’ll tell the truth when she returns.
Martin becomes suspicious the next week when he is unable to withdraw money from an ATM due to inadequate cash.

Ruby attempts to soothe Martin by saying that she has been assisting Jean because she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Viewers will be aware that Jean has never been given a fatal diagnosis on-screen, despite the fact that she believes it and has told Ruby that she is dying.
Ruby tries to save her marriage by informing Martin that she is ovulating, but her husband is not in the mood to try for a child as a result of her admission.

When Stacey’s daughter Lily brings the exciting news that Jean will be returning from Sean’s shortly and is looking forward to catching up with Ruby, the bad news keeps on coming.
Ruby is worried about Jean disclosing the truth, so she persuades Martin to take a spontaneous vacation away from Walford.
Martin politely declines Ruby’s offer because he wants to help Jean. Will Jean tell Martin the truth about the lengths Ruby went to in order to exact revenge on Stacey when she returns?
These scenes will air on BBC One on Thursday, August 26 at 7.40 p.m. and Friday, August 27 at 8.05 p.m.

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