Anxious Lydia snaps at Sam in Emmerdale spoiler

In a recent Emmerdale spoiler video, Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick), who is still struggling after being raped, finally snaps at her husband Sam (James Hooton).

Following Craig Reed’s (Ben Addis) rape of her, Lydia has had a very tough time, and in subsequent scenes, she will do anything to stay away from him, even calling in sick to work.

Sam attempts to ‘perk her up’ with some jokes after noticing how depressed Lydia is, but Lydia is adamant that everything is fine.

Sam is quick to point out that she needs to get some sleep after having been up all night for the past few of nights, even though he is still unsure of what has been keeping her awake.

Lydia informs Sam that she would be taking some time off work and justifies it by saying that she needs a vacation as she reads a text from Craig apologizing for her illness.

Sam encourages her decision, advising her to take some time off from cleaning and get some rest instead.

Craig continues to bombard Lydia with texts as he praises Samson’s (Sam Hall) enthusiasm for his new position.

She becomes visibly agitated and snaps at Sam when he advises her to visit a doctor because he is concerned that she is ill.

Lydia admonishes him to go for work and says that she simply needs to rest.

Lydia has kept her ordeal a secret up to this point, even going so far as to burn the clothes she was wearing to put the incident behind her.

Will she reveal her experience to Sam, though, as she still struggles after it?

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