Angry Emmerdale fans call for ‘drama queen’ Matty to be axed as revenge plan backfires

Fans of Emmerdale noticed a serious issue during tonight’s show as one character’s plan for retaliation severely backfired.

After learning that Suzy Merton had given his sister Holly money to buy drugs before she passed away from a heroin overdose, Matty Barton has been devising a strategy to avenge her.

He relentlessly monitors Suzy because he wants to exact revenge on her, keeping track of everything she does.

When he discovers a stash of cocaine, he believes they belong to Suzy when in fact Leyla took them for Callum, a drug dealer. Suzy’s car’s boot is where he hides the cocaine before reporting her to the police.

His plan of retaliation received fewer than favorable reviews from viewers, who questioned whether he had considered leaving his fingerprints on the bag before placing it in Suzy’s car boot. They vented their frustrations on Twitter.

Tweeted Carole: “Bravo, @emmerdale! Tonight’s episode is a comedy. Does Matty the idiot really believe he can defeat a drug lord? Taking his medications and administering them to someone else?

“Leyla the Inhaler will probably wind up in pulp and additional garbage will end up on Moira’s doorstep because that lot will be confiscated,” the speaker said. Chris P said: “I’m more interested in how they’ll screw it up than how Matty’s insane plan will pan out.”

Michelle Jones asked the following: “Matty the imbecile didn’t even wear gloves when he handled the cocaine package.

” I hope Matty’s idiotic scheme to frame Susie backfires in his face big time,” she continued.

What in the name of evil is drama queen Matty doing?, questioned Matthew Chapman. Have you ever heard of fingerprints, Matty? asked Darren Pattinson.

“Matty absolutely needs to be written out of Emmerdale,” wrote Nadezhda. “Matty is giving me anger issues; I can’t stand him,” @runninoncaffine added.

It became evident toward the end of the show that Matty’s scheme severely backfired. Before Suzy is stopped by the police, Leyla, who had been concerned about the missing pills, discovers them in the car’s boot and returns them.

She goes to drugs because she feels stuck and has no other way out of Callum’s agreement. She is found unconscious on the ground when her husband gets home, and she is taken to the hospital after a possible overdose.

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