Amelia Flanagan age: How old is Emmerdale’s April Windsor star?

Amelia is most known for her role as April Windsor in the television show Emmerdale. She is Donna Windsor’s and Marlon Dingle’s cherished daughter.

The schoolgirl has only had one actress portray her since she initially moved to the community in 2014, which is unusual for younger characters.

The ITV serial actress, who has developed her alter ego on screen, doesn’t appear to be moving on just yet.

How old is Amelia Flanagan from Emmerdale?

Amelia portrays a character who, in the world of the evening drama series, is 13, having been born in August 2009.

The teenage soap opera actress, who is 14 years old in real life and was born a whole year before her alter ego, is older than her role.

It is unknown how the youngster celebrated her birthday, which was lately because she was born on June 6, 2008.

There is no mention of Amelia’s birthday this year despite the fact that her parents do monitor her social media accounts.

She did, however, attend this year’s British Soap Awards, which were held just a few days after her birthday and a few weeks before.

Amelia hasn’t had much opportunity to play other characters since she started playing April at the age of five because she also had to finish her schoolwork.

She has received a plethora of accolades throughout her career, so her acting on the show hasn’t gone unnoticed in the past.

She took the stage to claim the Best Young Performance honor she had won at the British Soap Awards back in 2015.

She dazzled the audience at the young age of seven while expressing her gratitude to everyone who assisted her in receiving the prize.

“[Thank you] to all my family, all my friends, everyone from Emmerdale, and the panel that voted,” she remarked at the time.

When she accepted the Best Young Actor trophy at the Inside Soap Magazine Awards in 2016, it was her most recent victory.

Amelia was up for Best Young Performer at the British Soap Awards this year, but Millie Gibson from Coronation Street won.

Amelia has a strong connection to the Weatherfield cobbles despite the fact that she has never before been on the competing soap opera.

This is due to the fact that Hope Stape and Joseph Brown, played by her younger brother William Flanagan and sister Isabella Flanagan, on the show.

The twins were three years younger than Amelia because they were 11 years old, making her the oldest of the three children.

Amelia has been at the center of several significant plots on the weeknight serial drama during the coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, April has experienced cyberbullying and has taken on some of the responsibilities of a young caretaker for her father, Marlon.

The little schoolgirl was the one who discovered the veteran of the soap opera and called the ambulance when he had a stroke earlier this year.

His daughter has helped him along the road while the adored character recovers at home, and in this week’s scenes, she will play a part in Marlon’s wedding to Rhona Goskirk (Zo Henry).

Amelia’s co-stars have heaped praise on her for the way she embraced the plot and captured the spirit behind it.

The Rhona-playing actress Zo has been outspoken in her support of Amelia, saying: “The way this has been written, in my opinion, is incredibly interesting.

“Since we are only six weeks ahead, I am certainly unsure of much, but I do know how it will affect April, which I believe to be a very significant factor.

“The family is also impacted by a stroke, not just the individual. Despite the fact that she has been a part of the show for a while, I think [Amelia] is incredibly unique.

“She joined when she was around five years old, making her currently 13 years old.

The actress said earlier this year on ITV’s Lorraine, “I mean, Amelia not only knows her lines, she knows my lines, Mark’s lines, and everybody’s lines.”

“She has the utmost…,” Zo continued. I find it astonishing for a 13 and a half year kid that she can just turn on the emotion when she needs to.

Mark, the Marlon actor, has also given the actress who plays his character’s daughter high praise, particularly in the cyberbullying plotline.

“We shot a scene beside Donna’s grave a few of weeks ago; that’s the scene where Marlon just learned,” he remarked. In the scene, she brought tears to my eyes.

“At the conclusion, I simply turned to face her as she sat there performing yet another incredible scene, and I said, “You made me cry.

How excellent will you be when you’re 20 if you’re this amazing now? She’s really modest, you know. Her parents did a fantastic job. She is really relatable and everyday.

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